We are excited to announce that Blue Heron Biotech has been was recently acquired by Eurofins Genomics LLC US, due to the valuable synergies between both companies. Eurofins Genomics is a global leader in oligonucleotide synthesis, Sanger sequencing, gene synthesis, and next generation sequencing. The company is especially know for its high quality oligonucleotides, which are an integral part of constructing genes. Eurofins Genomics is able to produce oligos with a lower error-rate at a faster rate due to their proprietary DNA synthesis technology. Furthermore, Eurofins Genomics is the fastest service provider in North America for Sanger sequencing and DNA Oligonucleotides, due to their unique logistical advantages and technology. This enhances Blue Heron’s capabilities in gene synthesis. The acquisition will benefit both companies. It will expand Eurofins Genomics capabilities for cloning and assembling complex gene constructs. It will enhance Blue Heron ability to quickly procure oligos for gene production. Quality and speed are critical factors in today’s highly competitive life science industry. This acquisition allows both companies to better serve their customers better.
  • Rest assured that this change will not affect the great products that you currently purchase from Blue Heron. Our operations will continue uninterrupted and unaffected for the foreseeable future.
  • We will remain the same, customer-centric company.
  • Please continue to address payments to Blue Heron for the time being.
  • During this transition, the company logos may appear separately or side by side on various documents. Materials will be updated over time in an environmentally responsible way.
If you have any questions about the acquisition, please contact us. For customers with regulatory needs, Eurofins Genomics complies with ISO 13485, ISO 9001, CLIA, CAP, and GLP quality standards, and is FDA approved for the manufacture of cGMP oligonucleotides used in ASR and IVD products for the clinical industry. More information on Eurofins Genomics can be found on the website www.eurofinsgenomics.com.

Eurofins Genomics Products & Services

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DNA / RNA Synthesis

As a global leader in the production of DNA and RNA, Eurofins Genomics strives to provide the highest quality oligonucleotides with the fastest turnaround time. Products include custom DNA, NGS adaptors, long DNA, probes, chimeric DNA/RNA, siRNA, RNA, and more.

Sanger Sequencing

The best nationwide sequencing service 5 years in a row, according to benchmark comparisons of quality, turnaround time, and price. Most results arrive the next day by noon. >10% higher quality scores. 95% reliability on turnaround time. Exclusive options including prepaid kits.

Gene Fragments

GeneStrands are linear, double-stranded DNA fragments constructed using synthetic DNA and are ready for use in applications such as cloning, CRISPR-based genome editing, and antibody engineering.

Next Generation Sequencing

From proven packages to fully customized projects, Eurofins Genomics is one of the leadering NGS providers in the world. A few specific areas of expertise are transcriptome, amplicon, de-novo sequencing, genome sequencing, exome, RNA Seq, re-sequencing, and more.