How to Order

Ordering with Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron is simple and easy. From your secure account: use our codon optimization tool, set up expression vectors, request an automated quote, place an order, and view sequence data. Online ordering is available once account setup is complete. When your order is placed, you will receive an order confirmation email and production of your gene will begin. 

Account Setup

First you need to set up an online account. From your online, dedicated, and secure account you are able to:
  •  Securely contact Customer Service
  •  Setup Custom Vectors
  •  Use Blue Heron Biotech’s proprietary Codon Optimization tool – free of charge.
  •  Request an automated quote.
  •  Place Orders
  •  View sequence and trace data that are posted onto your dedicated, secure web site available for download.

Online Ordering

Once your online account is completed, ordering is straight-forward and fast. CLICK HERE to go to the ordering portal.

Ordering Process

  1.  Choose the vector (standard, expression vector, or customer-provided)
  2.  Enter the DNA sequence you want synthesized
  3.  Enter shipping/billing information

As part of the ordering process, you will receive an order confirmation verifying details. In your order summary you are provided a target delivery date. When your online order is completed, production of your gene will begin. All gene synthesis orders are built using our automated GeneMaker® Technology platform. Your gene will be delivered within the specified delivery timeframe.

For further assistance, please contact a Customer Service Representative at 425-368-5000 or via email.

Customers can request express service for any gene! Turnaround time will be dependent on gene length and complexity. For non-complex sequence up to 2.7kb, you can request an automatic express service quote via your account on our secure website. For larger and/or complex genes, please contact Customer Service for a manual quote.

Pricing and turnaround are guaranteed for the express service option. If Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron is unable to deliver by the quoted express service date, pricing will revert back to standard pricing. You will still continue to receive high priority status until the order is shipped.

For additional questions or inquiries please contact Customer Service.

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