Oligonucleotide Synthesis for Primers, Probes, and More

Through our unique relationship with Eurofins Genomics, you have access to the best oligonucleotides and gene fragments. Eurofins proprietary synthesis technology produces DNA faster with a much lower error rate than conventional synthesizers. Express Oligos are synthesized and shipped the same day you order for no additional charge, and EXTREmers lead the industry in terms of quality for long DNA. From purification to probes, NGS adaptors to pools, Eurofins supports the scientific industry with the highest quality products.

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Gene Fragments

GeneStrands are linear, double-stranded DNA fragments constructed using synthetic DNA and are ready for use in applications such as cloning, CRISPR-based genome editing, and antibody engineering.

DNA / RNA Oligonucleotide Synthesis

As a global leader in the production of DNA and RNA, Eurofins Genomics
strives to provide the highest quality oligonucleotides with the fastest turnaround time. Products include custom DNA, NGS adaptors, long DNA,
probes, chimeric DNA/RNA, siRNA, RNA, and more.

Custom DNA Oligos
5-125mer Fully Custom
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Custom RNA Oligos
RNA, Chimerics, and siRNAs
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Incredible DNA up to 200mer
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qPCR & MGB Probes
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NGS Grade Oligos
Low Cross Contamination
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NGS Application Oligos
Adaptors, Target Enrichment, Pooling
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“Best Oligo ordering system I've ever used, and I've been ordering oligos since 1992!”     
A. Bobb