Blue Heron is now part of Eurofins Genomics, a global leader in Sanger sequencing. The company offers the fastest nationwide turnaround time with a 94% reliability rate for on-time delivery. Also, Eurofins ranked #1 in the past four internal benchmark tests measuring quality (Q20 & Q40 score), speed, and price. That is why we trust Eurofins to sequence verify their genes, and you should too.

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Sanger Sequencing

The best nationwide sequencing service 5 years in a row, according to benchmark comparisons of quality, turnaround time, and price. Most results arrive the next day by noon. >10% higher quality scores. 95% reliability on turnaround time. Exclusive options including prepaid kits.

Tube Seq
Submitted in Barcoded Tubes
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SimpleSeq Kit
96 prepaid reactions and tubes
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Prepaid Plates
96 prepaid reactions in plate format
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Clinical Sequencing
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Premium Services
Plasmid Verification & Fragment Analysis
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Next Generation Sequencing

From proven packages to fully customized projects, Eurofins Genomics is one of the leading NGS providers in the world. A few specific areas of expertise are transcriptome, amplicon, de-novo sequencing, genome sequencing, exome, RNA Seq, re-sequencing, and more.

“Love your service.  You guys are my go to service, and I constantly recommend you to local folks who do sequencing.”  


D. Kirienko
Rice University
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