Variant Library

Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron can provide a wide variety of mutations, including single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), complex block variants, splice variants, as well as library variants. Library pricing is based on sequence complexity and the construct’s degree of similarity to the base sequence. Our best effort will be made to re-use the base DNA template you ordered for its variant build and pass the savings to you.

Simple Variants

There are many potential options for your variant project. It may be that you would like the same sequence with different cloning ends for shuttling to another vector with different restriction enzymes in the multiple cloning sites (MCS). We can also offer discounts for truncations of the original master sequence. SNP’s are the simplest form of variants and will receive our very best discounted pricing.

Library Delivered as Sequence Verified Individual Clones

As with simple variants, the pricing of variant libraries is based on sequence complexity and the constructs degree of similarity to the base sequence. Additional discounts are available for libraries of more than 10 construct’s. Your project may require numerous changes to the base gene at several locations throughout the sequence. We can also exchange or shuffle large regions or domains within the sequence.
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Library Delivered as Mixed Fragments or Cloned Plasmid

Variant libraries consisting of mixed fragments can be designed using random bases (N, K, M, D, B, R, Y, S, W, H, V) at multiple oligonucleotide substitutions. We will assist you in achieving the most efficient low cost design. Libraries can be delivered as linear fragments, which contain the full complement of the variations you have specified. Libraries can also be delivered cloned to one of our standard vectors, or cloned to any vector backbone you provide to us. Colony transformants will be scraped from the agar plate, and purified plasmid DNA is supplied pooled from a minimum of 3000 individual colony variants.

Applications of Variant Genes

  • Substitutions, Deletions or Insertions
  • Comprehensive codon substitutions
  • Variant clone sets with thousands of substitutions
  • Variant clone libraries
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Under a tight deadline? Express Service can be requested for any gene! Turnaround time is dependent on size and complexity of your gene. For non complex genes under 2.7Kb, request an automatic quote for express service via our secure website. Learn more about how to order or contact our Customer Service team for details and quotes for larger and/or complex genes.