Vector Options

We can clone into any vector in E. coli

Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron provides several vector options for your convenience. With twenty years of gene synthesis and custom cloning experience, we can clone into any vector. From expression vectors, to CRISPR guide vectors and lentiviral vectors, we will deliver. Our vector choices include Blue Heron’s standard vectors, any custom vector you provide, a selection of expression vectors, or building your own vector.

Save valuable time! By utilizing Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron for synthesis and subcloning, customers save time and costly reagents that would have otherwise been used for cloning. Our efficient cloning services ensure that custom cloning adds minimal time to the production of your order. Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron provides free archiving of vectors and synthesis products, allowing for a quick and affordable option for reshipment, or subsequent cloning into your vector. As with all of our services, express service is available for all subcloning projects.

Selection of Vectors

Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron provides a choice of 4 standard high copy vectors free of charge. We offer the standard vectors, pUCAmp and pUCKan as well as our modified vectors pUCAmpMinusMCS and pUCKanMinusMCS. Our modified vectors lack multiple cloning sites, allowing our customers the flexibility to flank their insert with any desired cloning site for their downstream processes. Our pUCAmpMinusMCS vector is derived from the pUC119 vector.
Vector Name Size Antibiotic Resistance Multiple cloning site Sequence Map Copy in E. Coli
Blue Heron pUCAmp 3150 bp Ampicillin Yes Sequence Map High
Blue Heron pUCKan 3284 bp Kanamycin Yes Sequence Map High
Blue Heron pUCAmpMinusMCS 3171 bp Ampicillin No Sequence Map High
Blue Heron pUCkanMinusMCS 3305 bp Kanamycin No Sequence Map High
pBR322 4369 bp Ampicillin Yes Sequence Map Low
pBR322MinusMCS 4390 bp Ampicillin No Sequence Map Low
Note: Cloning into any pUC or pBR vector might be NON-DIRECTIONAL depending on orders. 

OriGene Vector Selection

Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron offers competitive pricing and easy ordering in Origene shuttle vectors and expression vectors. Our partnership with OriGene allows us to combine this vector collection with Blue Heron’s gene synthesis capacity. With our selection of IP free expression vectors there is no need to purchase and provide a vector for your synthesis project. In one simple process, place your gene synthesis order with these vectors . With over 100 vector choices, you can express your insert in E. coli or mammalian cells for a variety of downstream applications. Destination vector choices include:
  • Epitope tags (MYC, DDK, etc.) for protein purification detection
  • Fluorescent tags (GFP, RFP, YFP, etc.) for protein visualization
  • Various drug markers (neomycin, puromycin, etc.) for stable cell line establishment
  • E. coli expression vectors
  • Custom requests
Click Here to see a full list of vectors with maps and sequences.

Provide Your Own Vector

Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron will clone into any vector provided by our customers. To order cloning into your vector of choice, simply log in to the secure website and select Set-up My Vector. This tool allows you to submit your vector sequence information and store it in your account. Any vectors stored in your account will be available to you in your list of vectors when submitting an order for gene synthesis.

Registration on our secure website is fast and simple. When you are ready to place an order in your custom vector, please register and submit your vector sequence information through our secure website. Once your vector is registered in your account, cloning can be ordered using any unique restriction sites in your vector sequence. Once your order is placed, simply mail us the physical vector. We will store your vector which can then be used for any future orders. Blue Heron takes pride in our strict confidentiality standards. Your vector is securely stored in our production facility in Bothell, Washington. Our free archiving makes it easy to access your selection of vectors for any subcloning projects at any time. In addition to archiving, Blue Heron will regrow, plasmid prep, and sequence additional stock as needed for future orders while you pay only the flat rate cloning fee.

Build or Modify your Vector

Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron’s gene synthesis capacity allows us to synthesize almost any sequence, no matter how complex. We can synthesize and clone your choice of vector modifications including promoter sequences, cloning sites, reporter genes, fluorescent tags, genetic markers, antibiotic resistance, and protein purification tags. 

Vector Modification

Cloning unique features into your starting vector can be a time consuming and costly process. Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron’s gene synthesis expertise enables us to synthesize and clone any desired feature into any starting vector. Once your modification is complete, Blue Heron will ship you your sequence verified plasmid and archive it at our secure site in Bothell, Washington. Your vector will be available for use in any subsequent cloning projects. Each of your unique vector features are also securely stored for use in future projects. Our efficiency allows you to perform a number of vector modifications quickly and easily. We offer simple, flat rate pricing, secure online ordering, and an express service option for every order.

Vector Construction

Want to build a vector from scratch? Please contact our customer support team at Blue Heron will store your vector free of charge for future use in cloning projects, or ship you your plasmid. Plasmids can be ordered at any amount for all downstream processes with our plasmid preparation services.
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Under a tight deadline? Request Express Service for any gene! Turnaround time is dependent on size and complexity of your gene. For non complex genes under 2.7Kb, request an automatic quote for express service via our secure website. Learn more about how to order or contact our Customer Service team for details and quotes for larger and/or complex genes.