Gene Synthesis

When you place an order with Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron you can be confident that your order will proceed as expected. Founded and operated in the USA, we are the only company solely dedicated to gene synthesis and we take pride in providing exemplary service. For nearly two decades we have been committed to serving our customers with high quality products, strict confidentiality standards, and improved business efficiency utilizing our patented GeneMaker® technology. Whether the order is simple or complex, we provide a plethora of vectors for your gene synthesis needs. For the synthesis of our products we offer free standard high copy vectors for cloning of your gene. We also offer over 100+ IP free expression vectors. Customers may also provide any vectors of their choice for custom cloning. Our expert Customer Service department is always available for consultation about your gene synthesis needs.

At Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron we strive to be more than just a vendor. We aim to be your partners in gene synthesis.

Since 1999 our dedicated team has been perfecting the design and synthesis process for long and complex DNA. Founded and operated in the USA, we are the only company solely dedicated to gene synthesis and we take pride in providing exemplary service. With our expertise, you can order any gene with the confidence that your order will proceed as expected. Our team are always available to work with you throughout the gene synthesis process, customizing your order to your unique needs.

Building quality relationships has been key to our success and longevity as a premier gene synthesis provider. For nearly two decades we have been committed to serving our customers with high quality products, strict confidentiality standards, and improved business efficiency. Our proprietary GeneMaker® Multi-Technology platform automates and expedites gene synthesis, ensuring quick turnaround time. We provide high throughput scalability paired with seamless design and guaranteed sequence fidelity. Meanwhile, our dedication to customer service ensures that every order is carefully monitored by our expert team of scientists who is always available to be contacted for support.

Custom DNA Synthesis

Express Service with Guaranteed Turn-Around Time

Any gene in any vector can qualify for express service

100% Made in America

We are based in Bothell, Washington

We do not outsource any of our gene synthesis work

Expertise in Complex Sequences

Specialty with genes high in repeats or GC regions

Plasmid Preparations

Order ug to mg amounts of any gene

Endotoxin free option available

Secure & Confidential

All information is passed through our dedicated and secure website

We make no claims on customers’ intellectual property

Sequence Verification

We deliver sequences that are 100% accurate

Free Codon Optimization

One of the many design tools offered in the GeneMaker® platform

Clone into any Vector

Easily Provide or build your own vector for any cloning project

Our high copy standard vectors are available at no cost

We offer a large selection of OriGene IP Free Expression vectors


Why order with Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron? Save time and money by allowing us to take care of your gene synthesis needs. With our transparent pricing model, your order will proceed as quoted. As industry leaders in gene synthesis, we always provide accurate and customizable products with fast turnaround time. We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and building long lasting relationships.

It is our priority to fulfill every customer’s unique requests. Every order receives specific attention to detail; each design is gene dependent. With our multiple design strategies we can confidently build complex genes with high GC content, perfect repeats, hairpins, and genes over 20Kb. Our expertise in the field allows us to be flexible and reliable with every order. As a full service gene synthesis company, our customers are always able to customize their order to fit their needs.


Free DNA Archiving

Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron offers free DNA archiving for every gene and vector. This enables us to provide our customers with affordable pricing for additional custom cloning projects or reshipments of any order. Customers pay only the cloning fee for any custom cloning orders of previously synthesized genes. Blue Heron upholds strict security and intellectual property standards, ensuring that your sequences and material are protected.

Vector and Cloning Options

Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron provides several vector options for your convenience. Our gene synthesis capacity and cloning expertise allows us to synthesize any desired features to be used for vector modification or De Novo vector synthesis. Providing your own vector for custom cloning is simple with our online ordering tool. Alternatively, clone your synthesis products into any of our standard high copy vectors at no cost and with no cloning fee. We offer high copy vectors with and without multiple cloning sites allowing you the flexibility to flank your insert with any desired cloning site for your downstream processes. Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron also offers a selection of expression vectors at no additional cost. 

Custom Cloning Solutions

Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron custom cloning service provides efficient, low-cost custom cloning into any vector. We offer our standard pUC derivative vector and a selection of OriGene expression vectors at no additional cost. Alternatively, clone into any vector of your choice using your selected cloning sites.

Adding subcloning to your gene synthesis order can speed up the research process and save you valuable time. Our synthesis and cloning products are always sequence verified to ensure quality and sequence fidelity. Custom cloning by Blue Heron adds minimal time to the production of your gene synthesis order.

Free archiving is provided for every order with Blue Heron, so ordering additional DNA or requesting subcloning at a later date is always cost effective. Eliminate the need for multiple vendors with gene synthesis, custom cloning, and plasmid preparation from Blue Heron.


Under a tight deadline? Request Express Service for any gene! With our express service pricing and turnaround time are always guaranteed. Turnaround time is dependent on size and complexity of your gene. For non complex genes under 2.7Kb, request an automatic quote for express service via our secure website. Learn more about how to order or contact our Customer Service team for details and quotes for larger and/or complex genes.

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