Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron provide an array of products to support the research and containment of COVID19, including qPCR probes, primers, and plasmid controls.

Gene Synthesis

Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron is providing synthetic genes for research and IVD use, in a variety of different applications and uses.

Plasmid Controls

Each plasmid control is prestocked in individual tubes and shipped out the same day for rapid turnaround time.

Positive Plasmid Control 1

HBHZ, CVGP – Glycoprotein gene in Blue Heron – pUCminusMCS vector – GenBank. MN908947.3
3822bp, 5ug
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Positive Plasmid Control 2

Covid-19(SARS-CoV-2) (N) gene
1260bp, 5 ug
Corona virus nucleocapsid phosphoprotein (N) gene in puc vector
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Positive Plasmid Control 3

828bp, 5ug
Corona virus ORF3A gene in puc vector
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Control plasmids contain a portion of the nCoV nucleocapsid gene and are used in conjunction with a qPCR probe assay to target regions of the control plasmid for verification purposes. All three of the plasmid controls below will work with the CDC recommended assay. For verifying a custom sequence, please contact us first for a copy of the full plasmid sequence.

qPCR Probes & Primers

Our partners at Eurofins Genomics offer qPCR dual-labeled probes and primers for COVID-19  research and commercial assays. These probes and primers are delivered with exceptionally fast turnaround time.

Many commercial companies are producing their own assays and test kits which contain target sequences to verify the virus, and ordering the probes from Eurofins Genomics in bulk to disseminate through thousands of kits.

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In addition, the CDC publicly provided the sequences for their test kit with instructions on how to create the panel. Customers can order both the primers and qPCR probes from Eurofins Genomics. These sequences are for research use only. Eurofins Genomics does not claim that these materials are endorsed or validated by the CDC, nor does Eurofins Genomics make any claims to the performance or accuracy of the CDC sequences.

Once you reach, probes can be ordered using either the qPCR Probe order page or the custom DNA oligo tube order page by adding modifications.