Codon Optimization

Blue Heron Bio has developed a proprietary algorithm for protein expression optimization. Based on codon usage and comprehensive knowledge of optimal RNA structure for protein translation, Blue Heron can confidently deliver results in the desired organism.


  • • Reliable – a proven algorithm: successfully used by many researchers (Survey Result )
  • • Flexible – exclude unwanted restriction sites and special sequences, use a customer’s codon table, and add flanking sequences
  • • Free – no charge for registered users
  • • Easy to use


  • • Login, or create a new account
  • • Submit a protein sequence
  • • Select your model organism or your own codon table
  • • Check any restriction sites to be avoided (optional)
  • • Enter any special sequences to be avoided (optional)
  • • Add flanking sequences (optional)
  • • An optimized sequence will be emailed and posted on your secure account

Start your codon optimization