Eurofins Genomics Blue Heron Gene Fragments

Gene Fragments are linear, blunt ended dsDNA fragments made to order with your sequence of interest from high quality synthetic oligonucleotides. Fragment orders have a fast turnaround time and are ideal for use in many applications including cloning, CRISPR-based genome editing, and antibody engineering


  • Gene Fragments can be ordered in the size range of 20-2000bp. *Non-complex sequences only.
  • Standard delivery is in tube format with a minimum of 200ng DNA.
  • Plate delivery options are available for orders containing 24 or more fragments.
LengthDelivery (business days)Price
20–500 bp2-4$95.00
501–750 bp3-4$135.00
751–1,000 bp3-4$155.00
1,001–1,250 bp5-7$220.00
1,251–1500 bp5-7$260.00
1,501–1,750 bp5-8$310.00
1,751–2,000 bp5-8$350.00
*Contact customer service for fragment orders <20bp or >2kb at

Sequence Design

BH Gene Fragments are compatible with all downstream cloning methods, or any gene construction protocols. * Make sure to design the ends of your sequence as required for the planned downstream applications. Fragment sequences should be non-complex. Complex sequences may be codon optimized to reduce complexity. Options for this are available in your account, as a free service.

*Fragments under 200bp do not have TA overhangs and are not compatible with TA cloning.

Quality Control

Blue Heron routinely checks the mutation rate and quality of its synthesized Gene Fragments. We have observed over 90% reliability of obtaining a correct clone if 4 or more colonies are picked and sequenced. 

Optional sequencing of the size-verified dsDNA for additional confirmation is available. Sequence validation is of the entire pool, so the results obtained are a representation of the predominant sequence within the pool. 

Recommended screening of DNA Fragments.

Gene Fragments up to 1 kbSequence 2 to 4 full-length clones
Gene Fragments 1–2 kbSequence 3 to 6 full-length clones
Gene Fragments 2–3 kbSequence 4 to 8 full-length clones