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Variant Synthesis

Synthesis Process


Blue Heron can provide a wide variety of mutations and splice variants, SNPs, or complex block variants. Just like de-novo synthesis, all variants are delivered sequence-verified and individually cloned.

Examples of what you can do with variant genes

  • Substitutions, Deletions or Insertions
  • Fusion proteins
  • Comprehensive codon substitutions
  • Variant clone sets with thousands of substitutions
  • Variant clone libraries

View a presentation about variant synthesis.


  • Simple variants:

    Our best effort will be made to re-use the master DNA template you ordered for its variant build and pass the savings to you. The price for a variant will be depended on the complexity and degree of similarity to the master sequence

  • Variant library delivered as sequence verified individual clones:

    As with simple variants, the pricing of variant libraries is based on sequence complexity and the members degree of similarity to the master sequence. Additional discounts are available for libraries of more than 15 members.

  • Variant library delivered as mixed fragments or cloned plasmid library:

    Variant libraries consisting of mixed fragments can be designed using random bases or multiple oligonucleotide substitutions. We will assist you in achieving the most efficient low cost design.

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