Gene Synthesis

DNA Insert

Blue Heron’s patented GeneMaker® gene synthesis technology provides the capability to synthesize almost any DNA sequences. Please contact our sales team with any inquiries.

Blue Heron’s standard high copy vectors – FREE of charge!

For simpler inserts, Blue Heron will provide a choice of 4 vectors for building your clone.

Vector Name Marker Multiple cloning site Sequence Map Copy in E. Coli
pUCAmp Ampicillin Yes Sequence Map High
pUCKan Kanamycin Yes Sequence Map High
pUCAmpMinusMCS Ampicillin No Sequence Map High
pUCkanMinusMCS Kanamycin No Sequence Map High

OriGene shuttle vectors

Express your insert in E. coli or mammalian cells with over 100 vector choices. Low cost and multiple functional vectors are available.

Customer provided vectors

Blue Heron can clone into any vector provided by our customer. Please register and submit your vector sequence information through our secure website. Blue Heron requires the physical vector once your order is placed. Your vector is securely stored and can be used for any future orders.


  • • 3-5 ug purified plasmid DNA
  • • Bacterial strain containing the plasmid
  • • Sequencing data and trace data posted electronically
  • • Quick turnaround time
  • • Express service available. Contact sales for a quote