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Expression Vectors

TrueORF Utility


Blue Heron Bio is pleased to offer OriGene‚Äôs affordable PrecisionShuttle™ system for easy subcloning into a large selection of proven destination vectors for a variety of downstream applications. Destination vector choices include:

  • Epitope tags (MYC, DDK, etc.) for protein purification detection
  • Fluorescent tags (GFP, RFP, YFP, etc.) for protein visualization
  • Various drug markers (neomycin, puromycin, etc.) for stable cell line establishment
  • Inducible expression (pTUNE)
  • E. coli expression vectors
  • Custom requests
  • New reporter vectors for promoter study New!

Epitope tagging FP tagging Selection markers Lentiviral New Bacterial expression  


The new E.coli destination vectors expand the utility of 37,000 TrueORF clones for protein production in bacteria.
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